Client Stories

The Smart Out Loud are spontaneous, concise, and memorable.
Fran’s unique approach for creating compelling and authentic leaders has been engaged by some of the world’s most successful brands. ZONE METHOD clients include CEOs, White House appointees, Fortune 500 leaders, launch teams, and rising stars. Guide your mouse over the photos below to see who Fran’s worked with and click any photo to see what they have to say about their experience with Fran.
  • Susan Black
    Susan Black
    Pinnacle Bank

  • Smart questions trump correct answers
  • Bing Yao
    Bing Yao

  • Aimee Cuniglio
    Aimee Cuniglio
    Johnson & Johnson

  • Tim Partridge
    Tim Partridge
    Kerner Studios

  • Chris Byrne
    Chris Byrne

  • Gary Yeung
    Gary Yeung
    Annexon Biosciences

  • Micki Hultquist
    Micki Hultquist

  • Rachelle Chong
    Rachelle Chong
    Law Offices and Strategic Consulting of Rachelle Chong

  • Martha Nelson
    Martha Nelson

  • Tara Glasgow
    Tara Glasgow
    Johnson & Johnson

  • Mark Velligan
    Mark Velligan

  • What you are has to be more compelling...
  • Heidi Towers
    Heidi Towers

  • Michael Penn
    Michael Penn

  • Sharon Papa
    Sharon Papa

  • Richard Boismenu
    Richard Boismenu

  • Jackie Speier
    Jackie Speier
    U.S. Congress

  • Joana Ferraz
    Joana Ferraz
    Johnson & Johnson

  • Frank Maione
    Frank Maione
    Frank Maione & Associates

  • Jen Treglia
    Jen Treglia
    Johnson & Johnson

  • Eric Wichems
    Eric Wichems
    Vertos Medical

  • Colleen Riley
    Colleen Riley
    Stryker Orthopedics

  • Bob Hambrecht
    Bob Hambrecht
    Greenlife International

  • All great thinking behinds with the heart
  • Maggie Baxter
    Maggie Baxter
    NBC Universal

  • Tim Yang
    Tim Yang

  • Kevin Bingham
    Kevin Bingham
    Consumer Development

  • Shehnaaz Suliman
    Shehnaaz Suliman
    Theravance Biopharma

  • Harmony among dissenters requires tone
  • Billy Harvill
    Billy Harvill
    Intermark Group

  • Kim Keller
    Kim Keller
    Johnson & Johnson

  • Tom Roberts
    Tom Roberts

  • Maral Chalian
    Maral Chalian
    American University of Armenia

  • Ned Desmond
    Ned Desmond
    Time Inc.

  • Robert Gentleman
    Robert Gentleman

  • Lynda Grindstaff
    Lynda Grindstaff

  • Robin Sitver
    Robin Sitver
    Diabetes Care

  • Ulrich Honighausen
    Ulrich Honighausen

  • Jessica Valentin
    Jessica Valentin
    Johnson & Johnson