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Fran Zone is an award-winning leadership communication strategist and the Founder and CEO of Zone Communication. She transforms careers via custom workshops, executive coaching programs, industry keynote speeches, leadership seminars, media appearances, and message strategy sessions. Her clients include Fortune 100 executives, CEO’s, marketing and sales leaders, best-selling authors, elected officials, and individuals ready to thrive on their own terms.

In 1992, Fran was recruited by UC Berkeley to create graduate level marketing curriculum as well as serve as an instructor. For her lifetime contribution to the field of communication, Fran received the ‘Headliner of the Year Award’. Other award recipients include Barbara Walters and icon Hearst Magazines editor, John Mack Carter. Her counsel and constant interaction with corporate brands and leaders won her a coveted invitation to Fortune Magazine’s ‘Most Powerful Women in Business Summit’.

Fran on Video

Your Answer Could Change Your Life!

We’re all asked ‘What do you do?’ several times a day. Fran shares secrets for turning the most asked question into an opportunity.

First Impressions Take Six Times to Change.

Fran Zone joins Spencer Christian and Janelle Wang with tips for making the most of first impressions with stellar Beginnings.

Dreams Can’t Come True When They Sound Like Aspirations.

A little self-editing and deliberate language can put you in charge of making your dreams come true now.

Astra Women’s Business Alliance

Fran Zone warmly welcomes women business owners & introduces Fernando Hernandez, thanking him for sharing his passion for success with Microsoft.

Fran’s Appearances

Fran’s keynotes are transformative and designed to incite immediate action. Her presentations and workshops at corporate, industry and women’s conferences are widely acclaimed as the best on the subject of leadership communication. She is consistently the highest rated subject speaker wherever she appears and is regularly invited back, in some cases, over a dozen times. Fran’s recent appearances include:
Astra Women's Business Aliance

Astra Women's Business Aliance

Leading Women in Technology

Leading Women in Technology

Women in BioTech

Women in BioTech

If you want to get someone’s feet moving in the right direction, talk to their heart.

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Fran’s Point of View

The most-asked question in the business world today is probably: What do you do? How you answer that question can provide the jump start for a spectacular beginning that changes the direction of your life…

We all have aspirations. We all have dreams. Too often, our aspirations make an ‘asp‘ of our dreams and relegate them to bitter disappointment. Dreams can’t come true as long as they are articulated as aspirations…