Fran’s unique approach for creating compelling and authentic leaders has been engaged by some of the world’s most successful brands. ZONE METHOD clients include CEOs, White House appointees, Fortune 500 leaders, launch teams, and rising stars. Guide your mouse over the photos below to see who Fran’s worked with and click any photo to see what they have to say about their experience with Fran.
    • Susan Black
      Susan Black
      Pinnacle Bank

      “A ‘Zone Session’ marks the beginning of optimizing your personal and professional future. Fran can brilliantly ‘zone’ your world, but she makes sure you define who you are and where you want to be. Fran has a unique, uncanny ability to help you define your next chapter and gives you the tools to write it.”
      Susan Black – President & Chief Executive Officer, Pinnacle Bank

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    • bing_yao
      Bing Yao

      “Fran has always been there to help me with my communication needs. She inspired my confidence and provided the tools to shape me into a leader.”
      Bing Yao – Senior Vice President, MedImmune

    • Tim Partridge
      Tim Partridge
      Kerner Studios

      “Fran is a unique individual who once met is never forgotten. Her Zone Method for executive communication is fun, challenging and provides effective techniques that you can use every day, and you should!”
      Tim Partridge – President, Kerner Studios

    • Chris Byrne
      Chris Byrne

      “Over a long career, there are individuals whose advice and mentoring take you to new levels of performance and career satisfaction. Fran Zone has been that person for me since 2004. Her unique and compelling approach pushes you to action. And with action comes results. Thank you Fran!”
      Chris Byrne – Vice President, Operations, Workday

    • Gary Yeung
      Gary Yeung
      Annexon Biosciences

      “Fran is an exceptional coach! She helped me communicate strategically and memorably within the Genentech/Roche organization. I have sent many of my best staff to Fran to help them realize their full potential. Her tools are also extremely helpful in my new role at Annexon.”
      Gary Yeung – VP and Chief of Operations and Portfolio Management, Annexon Biosciences

    • Micki Hultquist
      Micki Hultquist

      “Fran is remarkably unique…truly an inspiration. Being ‘zoned’ helped me learn to enjoy the process and mold me into a confident, strategic leader.”
      Micki Hultquist – Vice President / Product Development Team Leader, MedImmune

    • Rachelle Chong
      Rachelle Chong
      Law Offices and Strategic Consulting of Rachelle Chong

      “Fran worked powerful magic on me. She brought me from being a junior lawyer who was clueless on public speaking to the point a decade later that my speaking style as a senior government official was described as ‘charismatic’ by the D.C. press.”
      Rachelle Chong – General Counsel, Law Offices and Strategic Consulting of Rachelle Chong

    • Mark Velligan
      Mark Velligan

      “Fran knows how to bring out the best in you as a leader and helps you leverage it. Her counsel on presentation, content development and performance played an important role in my recent promotion.”
      Mark Velligan – Senior Director, gRed Portfolio Management and Operations, Genentech

    • Martha Nelson
      Martha Nelson

      “With voice, authority and the feeling of the fun of being me, let me say: Thank YOU! Your help was INVALUABLE.”
      Martha Nelson – Global Editor in Chief, Yahoo

    • Tara Glasgow
      Tara Glasgow
      Johnson & Johnson

      “Fran has helped me be myself smartly in any light, including the limelight. Being myself in real time has been key to my joy in life whether at home or at work.”
      Tara Glasgow – Vice President, Baby Franchise R&D and Consumer Sciences, Johnson & Johnson Consumer & Personal Products Worldwide

    • Jessica Valentin
      Jessica Valentin
      Johnson & Johnson

      “Working with Fran allowed me to bring the BEST VERSION of ‘ME’ into everything I do, every day. Instead of theoretical rhetoric, Fran uses authentic dialogue and pragmatic tools to inspire self-awareness, growth, and reflection – allowing the best you to SHINE.”
      Jessica Valentin – Senior Director, Business-Based Human Resources, Johnson & Johnson

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    • Heidi Towers
      Heidi Towers

      “Fran is amazingly insightful and successfully tailors her training to the individual. She provides the tools to optimise effective communication by understanding the power of words. She has simple techniques to influence how others see us and for increased awareness in all situations, thus making the clear demonstration of leadership skills possible in real time. She is a force to be experienced to be believed! She is able to change how we behave to help us develop from being great leaders into outstanding leaders! I highly recommend the ‘Zone Method’.”
      Heidi Towers – Senior Director, Product Development Team Leadership, MedImmune

    • Michael Penn
      Michael Penn

      “I love The Zone Method. There is no better way to fast-track your ability to define yourself professionally. Fran is your own personal private investigator–superbly talented in helping you locate your authentic voice and leadership style. She helped me remember that my career is only limited by how spectacularly I can imagine it.”
      Michael Pen – CEO, Gladstone

    • Sharon Papa
      Sharon Papa

      “I first saw Fran Zone at the California Governor’s Conference and decided right then and there we needed her to bring The Zone Method to the LAPD. Her keynote for us was attended by over 700 LAPD personnel who gave her rave reviews, and, of course, want her to come back.”

      Sharon Papa – Police Chief, Hermosa Beach

    • Richard Boismenu
      Richard Boismenu

      “Fran has taken me on a journey through the barriers that impede good communication and opened my mind to simple yet powerful habits to create better impressions and outcomes… I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone ready to bring their game to the next level.”
      Richard Boismenu – gRED Portfolio Management and Operations, Genentech

    • Jackie Speier
      Jackie Speier
      U.S. Congress

      “Buckle your seatbelt. You are in for the ride of your life. Fran Zone is a phenomenon!”
      Congresswoman Jackie Speier

    • Joana Ferraz
      Joana Ferraz
      Johnson & Johnson

      “Meeting Fran gave me a new perspective on how I could lead in my role. It was amazing to understand how simple techniques and smart planning can result in positive outcomes and improved business connections. I believe her success comes from the fact that her focus is on building on people’s strengths and making them stronger. Her encouragement has most definitely contributed to my growth in the company.”
      Joana Ferraz – Principal Scientist, Johnson & Johnson

    • Frank Maione
      Frank Maione
      Frank Maione & Associates

      “Fran’s ability to naturally and comfortably move good performers into great performers helped energize and inspire my team.”
      Frank Maione – President, Frank Maione & Associates

    • Jen Treglia
      Jen Treglia
      Johnson & Johnson

      “Fran inspires greatness with an honest and collaborative approach, and creates tangible value through her mentorship and development of compelling leaders! Thank you Zone Method!”
      Jen Treglia – Group Director US Region Contracting Competency Center, Johnson & Johnson

    • Eric Wichems
      Eric Wichems
      Vertos Medical

      “Fran brings an invaluable and unique skill set to a myriad of business situations that I have encountered over the last 3 years spanning conference organization, marketing strategy, & organizational optimization. She gave me the tools I needed to expertly handle any situation which not only led to superior business results but personal professional success as well.”
      Eric Wichems – Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Vertos Medical

    • Colleen Riley
      Colleen Riley
      Stryker Orthopedics

      “Fran’s executive coaching insights are invaluable. The dialogue we share enables me to be a more strategic leader while employing her techniques for transforming our mission into accomplishments.”
      Dr. Colleen Riley – VP, Regulatory Affairs & Compliance, Stryker Orthopedics

    • Bob Hambrecht
      Bob Hambrecht
      Greenlife International

      “Fran catalyzes transformation. She is able to customize communication strategies for success that help her clients achieve an exceptional level of leadership.”
      Bob Hambrecht – Partner, Greenlife International

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    • Maggie Baxter
      Maggie Baxter
      NBC Universal

      “Fran Zone brings a wealth of experience, personality, and loyalty to her business and clients. She has helped me and others grow as business leaders and inspired us to take on new challenges. The result is a top performance, leading to outstanding results. I would recommend Fran to anyone looking to be the best they can both at work and in life.”
      Maggie Baxter – VP Programming, NBC Universal

    • Tim Yang
      Tim Yang

      “Fran has been instrumental in getting me to that next level. Her steadfast guidance helped me recognize my leadership potential, enable my confidence, and prove it through my presence.”
      Tim Yang Director, Portfolio Management and Operations, Genentech

    • Kevin Bingham
      Kevin Bingham
      Consumer Development

      “Fran has a way of listening that fosters trust, actionable solutions, and inspired leader performance.”
      Kevin Bingham – Consumer Development Expert

    • Shehnaaz Suliman
      Shehnaaz Suliman
      Theravance Biopharma

      “Fran is a tour de force. She has a unique ability to provide keen insights about key decision-maker behavior in corporations/organizations and how to translate this into opportunity. I have learned how to enhance and optimize my effectiveness as a leader as a result of these insights and her coaching.”
      Shehnaaz Suliman – Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Strategy, Theravance Biopharma

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    • Billy Harvill
      Billy Harvill
      Intermark Group

      “As a CEO it is great (and rare) to see such tangible return on our investment.Can’t say I’m surprised, though. Fran did such a good job!”
      Billy Harvill – CEO, Intermark Group

    • Kim Keller
      Kim Keller
      Johnson & Johnson

      “Fran is a coach, friend, advocate and mentor – all rolled into a feisty, fun, lovable and truly amazing package. She helped me see the ‘manager ceiling’ and gave me the tools to break through it, within 6 months, as she predicted, yet still be me! Her network is now my network – being “in The Zone” is a powerful place to be.”
      Kim Keller – Sr Manager, Corporate Contributions, Johnson & Johnson

    • Tom Roberts
      Tom Roberts

      “I have received tremendous benefit from my experiences in working with Fran. The Zone Method and Fran’s insights into the power of words has contributed to my strengths as an organizational leader. I have garnered tremendous appreciation and respect for the power of words and how they can influence and affect constituents to do great things…things they did not believe could be accomplished. The ability to influence and inspire through compelling language is something that simply cannot be underestimated by leaders.”
      Tom Roberts – VP, US Sales and Marketing, Vistakon, a Johnson & Johnson Company

    • Maral Chalian
      Maral Chalian
      American University of Armenia

      “I first heard Fran speak at the California Governor’s Conference for Women. A few months after that, I received an invitation to speak at the United Nations and knew that I wanted to work with Fran to prepare. As it happened, my talk was scheduled for the morning of September 11, 2001! I did not have a chance to give my presentation. On that historic day, I joined millions of New Yorkers to seek a safe haven. A year later, I was able to give my talk, with triumph and pride. Fran was with me at every step.”
      Maral Chalian – Vice President of Institutional Advancement, American University of Armenia

    • Ned Desmond
      Ned Desmond
      Time Inc.

      “When it comes to discovering the great communicator in all of us, no one surpasses Fran Zone. She is a force of nature.”
      Ned Desmond – Former President, Time Inc. Interactive

    • Robert Gentleman
      Robert Gentleman

      “Fran is a fantastic coach. She helps you focus on the image you project and on how to best present your ideas to achieve success.”
      Robert Gentleman – VP Computational Biology, 23andMe

    • Lynda GRINDSTAFF
      Lynda Grindstaff

      “I lead a very senior team of technical engineers working on our security product line and still benefit from Fran’s influence – especially what she taught me about planting a word garden, seeking strategic witnesses, and using ‘can do’ language.”
      Lynda Grindstaff – Director of Security Innovation Solutions at Intel Corporation

    • Robin Sitver
      Robin Sitver
      Johnson & Johnson

      “Fran has an amazing ability to identify small, simple and easy to implement changes that have a major impact in how you are perceived as a leader. While it may seem obvious looking back, it clearly is not as no one that I have worked with over the years has been as insightful and effective as Fran. It is such a pleasure and a privilege to work with Fran, as her business acumen and communications skills are second to none.”
      Robin Sitver – Vice President, Global Business Development, Diabetes Care, Johnson & Johnson

  • Ulrich Honighausen
    Ulrich Honighausen

    “Fran is anything but boiler plate, cookie cutter or predictable. She’s the rare pro at revealing what makes you tick and presenting yourself naturally and confidently.”
    Ulrich Honighausen – President, Hausenware